Level 2&3 Personal training:

At ADC Academy our goal is for all our students to not only gain their certificate but be confident in their abilities when tackling the real world of coaching. Many courses solely focus on the theory of Personal training but disregard the interactions you will have with many different people and personalities. At ADC Academy we offer practical workshops and coach shadowing to allow you to become comfortable in a busy gym environment.  
What’s included:  
– Blended level 2&3 combined personal training diploma (can join separately).
– Online webinars, exams and course work is required for students to pass.
– Access to in-person practical workshops at the ADC Studio.  
– Gain real-world experience from shadowing our coaches 
– Automatically shortlisted for ADC internships and coaching roles. 
– Qualifications are fully endorsed by CIMPSPA & Active-IQ 
– Tutoring from level 4 status coach. 

How will you learn?

There are several ways in which you will learn on your personal trainer course that will suit all learning needs, with our blended learning scheme. Our personal training course equips you with the knowledge and expertise required to work as a professional personal trainer. You will learn about exercise science, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, program design, and other essential topics related to fitness and health. This will be in the form of:
– Online webinars: Learn with convenience from our Level 4 Tutor who will provide interactive learning during webinars that cover all the theory topics needed to become a personal trainer.
– Shared resources: We provide all resources and textbooks needed that will allow for revision in your spare time.
– Live workshops at the ADC Studio or partnered gyms: We offer in-person group coaching that will help you complete all practical assessments needed. This will also allow you to practice with the highest quality equipment in a gym environment.
– Shadow sessions: Learn from the best! Our high-level coaches will be on hand to allow you to shadow their sessions with flexible session times. This will give you an insight into the world of coaching and what it really means to be a personal trainer.

Level 2&3 Personal training FAQs

Yes, ADC Academy is a Cimspa and Active-IQ accredited centres and our level 2&3 Personal Training diploma is fully certified through them.  

Our course provides a mix of online learning for flexibility through online webinars and resources as well as in person workshop and ADC coach shadowing in our studio. The practical element is not compulsory to pass but we highly suggest you attend for your own knowledge. 

Yes! Our courses work via online webinars, online shared drive for resources and internet access to our exam portal.  
 Yes, as part of the course you will be asked to film mock client consultations and PT sessions. You may do this at the ADC studio if timings permit. 
The learning stage of the course is 12-weeks, including a week for you to prep and complete exams. However, you have 6 months to complete all parts the workload if needed. 
No, once you have committed to a payment structure the course is non refundable but you may be able to shift placement to future course dates under unforeseen circumstances. 

Finance option 1

6 month instalments
£ 230 Monthly
  • £500 deposit
  • Total Cost = £1,880

Finance option 2

12 month instalments
£ 125 Monthly
  • £500 deposit
  • Total Cost = £2,000