Level 2&3 PT Qualification

At ADC Academy, our mission goes beyond just awarding certificates. We strive to empower our students with unwavering confidence in their coaching abilities, preparing them to excel in the dynamic real-world environment. Unlike many other courses that solely focus on the theory of personal training, we understand the significance of interpersonal interactions and the diverse range of personalities you’ll encounter.

With ADC Academy, you’ll embark on a comprehensive journey that encompasses practical workshops and invaluable coach shadowing experiences, allowing you to thrive in a bustling gym atmosphere. We believe that hands-on practice is key to becoming comfortable and adept in your role.

£1595.00 Sign-up Fee or Subscriptions available with £500 upfront payment.

Please be aware Active IQ registration and certification fee of £165 will be required upon completion.

What’s included in our program?

  • Blended Level 2&3 combined personal training diploma (available separately as well)
  • Engage in online webinars, exams, and coursework to successfully complete the program
  • Access to in-person practical workshops at the state-of-the-art ADC Studio
  • Gain invaluable real-world experience by shadowing our experienced coaches
  • Exclusive consideration for ADC internships and coaching positions
  • Recognized qualifications fully endorsed by CIMPSPA & Active-IQ
  • Receive guidance and tutoring from our esteemed level 4 status coach


At ADC Academy, we prioritise your growth and ensure you are well-equipped to thrive in the coaching industry. Join us today and elevate your coaching skills to new heights.