Maximising capacity: Enhancing your small & large group PT

We are pleased to announce FBDA have partnered with the ADC Academy to deliver tuition for our blended workshop. This course will be split into 2 days.


Day 1 Online learning: This session shall focus on improving client retention, programming, and increasing profits provides invaluable insights and practical strategies for coaches and business owners. Through interactive sessions and expert-led discussions, participants learn techniques to enhance client engagement and loyalty. The workshop also covers advanced programming skills, enabling attendees to design more efficient and results-driven programs that meet clients’ specific needs with templates provided. Additionally, it explores financial strategies and business models that maximise profitability, such as optimising pricing structures and leveraging technology for cost-effective operations.

Day 2 Practical learning: Conducted at the ADC studio the practical workshop will significantly enhances coaching efficiency by providing hands-on experience and real-time feedback. Participants will engage in interactive activities, simulations, and role-playing scenarios that mirror real-life situations. This approach enables coaches to refine their techniques, identify and address areas for improvement, and gain confidence in their abilities. Additionally, the collaborative environment fosters the exchange of ideas and best practices among peers, further enriching the learning experience. By bridging theory and practice, a practical workshop ensures that coaches are better equipped to apply effective strategies and achieve desired outcomes with their clients.